The only time it really a problem is if I playing some dumb

Pickup or Brady Tkachuk for the long haul?My goalies are: Holtby and Elliott, and I also have Halak and Kuemper who I picked up as streamers, but they are both starting probably 2 more games this week.If I pickup, I need to drop 1 goalie NYI seems to be a split start team, so it seems will get more starts than Halak/Kuemper, which is why I am tempted to grab as my 3 goalie.Yeah the secondary assist rate was really starting to scare me a bit, additionally he 100% going to slow down. There also the element of him losing lots of good players come playoff time and who know what happen then so I rather get a Hedman type guy. Plus if Ottawa keeps killing it I still have Stone + Tkachuk on this teamI have Boeser and Weber on IR+.

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